State-of-the-art monitoring facility offering 24/7 support services.


The mission-critical nature of hosted information and communication technology (ICT) in the modern enterprise necessitates reliable, on-demand monitoring and support services, to ensure continuous up-time, or quick fault resolution to maintain a business’s competitive advantage and customer satisfaction.

Centralised control
Pivotal Data’s National Operations Centre (NOC) is a dynamic state-of-the-art monitoring facility that functions as the central hub for support services, ready to meet any client need or resolve any fault or issue, 24/7/365.

The NOC boasts the technical capabilities and expertise required to deliver a complete proactive monitoring solution that covers Pivotal Data’s national footprint, including virtualised ICT systems hosted on-premise or in Pivotal Data’s world-class data centre, as well as support and monitoring for physical properties.

Complete communication and emergency response capabilities are delivered across all Pivotal Data’s offering, including Communications and Collaboration, ICT, and infrastructure and facilities management services. Using the latest technology, the dedicated on-site team is able to collect, analyse, action and store data for clients to support and enable all business processes and transactions.

ICT monitoring and support
Pivotal Data’s NOC monitors and supports all client networks, including contact centres, communications and IP telephony, as well as servers, through a centralised ticket logging facility.

Clients can report any issues or faults via a multi-channel communication and contact solution, including web, email, mobile or phone.

The logging platform generates a ticket, which arrives in the NOC, automatically assigning tickets to a suitably qualified expert. Where tickets aren’t automatically assigned, dedicated staff within the NOC attend to, or assign the ticket to a relevant expert to resolve the matter as quickly as possible.

Through Pivotal Data’s proactive system monitoring capabilities, automated tickets can be generated and opened on the NOC platform to alert support teams of faults or issues. Automated processes are initiated by the system in an attempt to resolve the issue. If it is unable to resolve and close the ticket, the ticket is escalated.

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