IT Managed Services

IT Managed Services

Outsource IT requirements to a specialised provider to meet your evolving business needs.


Automate operations
Increase the availability of your IT infrastructure with continuous, real-time monitoring, to improve delivery on service level agreements.

Execute regular automated health checks to increase system efficiency, with the ability to automate updates such as patches, software and security updates, as well as hardware upgrades and refreshes when required.

Automated IT asset tracking software and network monitoring, with real-time info delivered in a single central console, significantly reduces the administrative requirements for internal IT staff, freeing valuable resources to be allocated elsewhere.

Drives cost efficiencies
Reduce OPEX by eliminating the cost of entry, and decreasing the cost of supporting your IT infrastructure with technical IT skills.

Reduce CAPEX requirements associated with self-provisioned large-scale IT infrastructure deployments and maintenance, and significantly reduce the strain on existing resources by switching to a consumption-based IT model.

Improve operations
Provisioning ICT systems in a fully managed hosted environment, organisations are able to benefit from enhanced business continuity capabilities, with the ability to also meet ever-changing legislation and governance requirements.

Improve organisational efficiency by leveraging the scalability of our hosted environment, methodologies, and high levels of standardisation.

Supports growth
The hosted environment gives organisations the agility and flexibility to grow with unprecedented reach into global markets, by leveraging the economies of scale inherent in the data centre to capitalise on opportunities as they arise.

Our Managed Services are scalable, offering various levels of involvement, starting with assistance with daily operational activities required for maintaining a healthy network, to the full management of all your enterprise ICT services.

Access the skills and expertise needed to support new, business-enabling technologies, while you focus on your core business to drive organisational growth and prosperity.

Guaranteed reliability
The quality and reliability of our services is guaranteed in terms of service levels. We give you access to leading technical and management expertise, and follow best practices in line with industry standards such as the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL).

Automated 24/7 monitoring alerts selected staff of irregularities or errors in the network. This ensures issues can be addressed immediately and accurately to reduce costly network downtime, mitigate the potential impact on workforce productivity, and improve overall customer service.

Support engineers assigned to the dedicated 24/7 Pivotal Data National Operations Centre (NOC) quickly and professionally resolve your support requests. Issues are rapidly escalated if a higher level of technical expertise is required.

To explore our IT managed services, contact Pivotal Data on 087 310 5900.

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