Infrastructure Solutions

Infrastructure Solutions

Construct and manage highly-resilient cross-platform on-site or hosted data centres.


Enhance operational efficiencies
Desktop virtualisation can help you manage device proliferation and operate more effectively and securely in today’s mobile, user-centric workspace.

Streamline application and operating system upgrades to reduce the administrative burden on internal IT staff and free them up to focus on mission-critical projects.

Leverage our expertise and experience
In addition to holding partnerships with a variety of industry-leading cloud technology vendors, Pivotal Data boasts key skills and competencies, and vast experience gained from deploying, implementing and supporting virtual server, storage and desktop environments for clients around the world. This enables us to offer the best infrastructure solutions to meet your unique business requirements, be it an on-premise or cloud-based solution.

Our expertise in data centre facilities management, including power and cooling optimisation, allows you to maximise the impact of your server and storage virtualisation projects. This also reduces operational costs, which deliver savings that are passed on to clients.

We partner with customers to optimise internal IT management processes to maximise on the improvements that virtualisation offers, starting with a thorough assessment of your IT service management capabilities.

Flexible capacity
Our consumption-based virtual data centre offering gives clients the flexibility to order, configure and provision computing infrastructure in a world-class data centre on demand, with the ability to scale up or down to meet prevailing business requirements.

Benefit from Pivotal Data’s established high-performing hosted infrastructure, which delivers secure, fast access and high availability. This negates the need for large CAPEX commonly associated with the extensive setup and maintenance costs of self-provisioned IT infrastructure.

Delivers peace of mind
Industry-leading data protection, backup and recovery capabilities are enabled within our virtual environment to ensure business continuity, regulatory compliance and data security for peace of mind.

Our dedicated services team, with the support of a service management ecosystem that includes access to our National Operations Centre (NOC), provides 24/7 support for the virtualised IT systems that enable your business processes and transactions.

Delivers measurable, sustainable outcomes
Pivotal Data’s ICT infrastructure solutions optimise performance, prioritise management time and improve control to deliver significant and lasting ROI.

Our offerings help re-engineer your ICT infrastructure and align its capacity with your business outcomes. We address not only technological challenges and cost pressures but also help realise ICT infrastructure investments to their full potential.

To explore our infrastructure solution, contact Pivotal Data on 087 310 5900.

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