Infrastructure Solutions

Infrastructure Solutions

Construct and manage highly-resilient cross-platform on-site or hosted data centres.


The ability to provision robust and agile IT solutions is fundamental to the success of any business competing in the digital economy, and it is the underlying infrastructure that provides the foundation needed to realise these capabilities.

However, constructing and managing a highly-resilient cross-platform data centre environment can be complex, costly and resource intensive. For these reasons, more companies today are choosing to transform, optimise and manage IT beyond the limitations of physical infrastructure by transitioning to a virtualised workplace.

Virtualisation enables centralised management of IT systems, improves hardware utilisation through consolidation, and maximises available resources. This reduces costs related to hardware, software and power consumption, while also reducing operational costs and increasing productivity.

In addition, virtualisation improves business continuity, resilience and automation, and can bolster disaster recovery capabilities. It is also the first step on your journey to realising your cloud-based unified IT and communications strategy.

Extend your business into the cloud
Pivotal Data’s world-class data centre network, which includes facilities in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban, offers the foundation needed to deliver optimised, highly available and secure end-to-end virtualised IT infrastructure, from servers, databases and co-location space, to applications and Remote Desktops.

Pivotal Data’s fault tolerant and redundant virtualised environment ensures the availability of a broad range of IT services.

Our expertise in networking, security, data centres and Microsoft technologies enables us to address all the touch-points that virtualisation creates within an organisation. We also hold the capabilities and expertise needed to design and build best-in-class greenfields virtualisation infrastructure, or deliver core components as part of a strategic IT upgrade or refresh cycle.

Pivotal Data’s comprehensive Infrastructure Solutions include:

  • Virtualisation, server consolidation and transformation
  • Hosting and co-location services
  • Building of secure and energy-efficient infrastructure environments
  • Storage transformation services
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery services

To explore our infrastructure solution, contact Pivotal Data on 087 310 5900.

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