Facilities Management

Facilities Management

Get a new business operational, or rapidly scale with physical office and IT build experts.


Reduce complexity
Avoid the hassle and complexity of working with multiple suppliers and contractors, and trying to integrate piecemeal technology from multiple vendors, by partnering with a single provider that can offer an integrated end-to-end solution.

A single point of contact for every aspect of your business deployment, from the physical building through to ICT and connectivity infrastructure, ensures full accountability and peace of mind.

Prime location sourcing
Pivotal Facilities has a network of property brokers and developers to ensure your business finds the right location and ideal building dimensions to meet your specific needs.

Flexible, adaptable
Pivotal Data’s team of experts have the flexibility to work with any supplier or building landlord to deliver on your unique business requirements, be it a complete greenfield project, or a cherry-picked assortment of elements required for brownfield deployment.

Drive cost and operational efficiencies
Pivotal Data offers multiple billing models to suit any cash flow or budget requirements. The offering can be delivered as a scheduled CAPEX upfront cost model, or an OPEX per seat cost model, billed over the contract period as a monthly fee.

The OPEX model ensures no upfront capital investment is required to implement and access the solution, freeing up business capital to be invested in other mission-critical areas of the business.

Turn-key solution
Pivotal Data is able to leverage the broad service offering and expertise held within the Pivotal Group, to offer a turn-key solution that delivers technology-driven facilities management capabilities, as well as modular services such as physical security, gardening and landscaping, cleaning and hygiene services.

Control and manage access to properties with integration into access-control systems to enhance safety and security for tenants, owners, contractors and building management staff. Check-in app functionality enables owners to monitor attendance and manage the risk of having maintenance contractors on site.

To explore our facilities management solution, contact Pivotal Data on 087 310 5900.

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