Enterprise Telephony

Enterprise Telephony

Gain greater control of enterprise telephony, to do more and at a lower cost.


Scalable all-software architecture allows your business to grow on demand by adding licenses as and when required.

Mobility-based applications deliver full in-office functionality to location-independent, remote or at-home staff.

Mobile users can use softphones, iOS and Android smart phones, email clients and web browsers to access the system from anywhere.

Easily connect multiple distributed sites or offices, and port numbers should offices change locations.

Integrated Telephone Management System (TMS) and billing engine.

Business continuity 
High availability and customised business continuity solutions delivered via fully replicated and load- balanced platforms hosted in Tier 4 data centres located in Johannesburg and Cape Town, ensuring full fail-over and redundancy capabilities.

Cost effective
Drastically reduce costs by converting enterprise telecommunications from a financial resource-intensive CAPEX model to a full OPEX model.

Reduce operational telephony costs and TCO by consolidating all user communication tools and reducing physical infrastructure requirements.

With no multi-vendor sourcing, fewer servers, a smaller data centre footprint and less energy consumption, equipment and operating costs are dramatically reduced.

Mitigate high usage costs due to abuse by monitoring device or duration for a site, department, or sub department.

Maximise ROI through enhanced operational efficiencies and increase workforce productivity by 13%.

Save at least 40% on your enterprise’s communication costs:

• Call other extensions within your office or remote extensions at no cost.
• Make long distance calls for a fraction of fixed line calling costs.

Amplify performance
Advanced call routing capabilities automatically routes calls to the appropriate people to boost workforce efficiency and improve customer engagement and satisfaction by ensuring customers always find the correct department.

The capacity to facilitate unlimited calling ensures no more busy lines, which means no more frustrated, unsatisfied customers.

Boost business by running product and service promos while customers are on hold using customisable sound recording and music features.

Boost productivity 
Advanced call routing capabilities automatically routes calls to the appropriate people to boost workforce efficiency and productivity.

Improve customer engagement and satisfaction by enabling customers to always find the correct department.

Unlimited call capacity ensures no busy lines, improving customer satisfaction and increase staff responsiveness.

Run product and service promos while customers are on hold using customisable sound recording and music features.

An agile solution to meet constantly changing business needs. Locate employees faster using company directory done per phone, tenant or department.

Presence capabilities allow share station to see if someone is on a call, or utilise a line on the reception on phone. Follow me functionality allows calls to switch between 2 devices, with a forward function. With FMC capabilities users can easily transition calls from WiFi to data.

Enables workforce mobility and empowers knowledge workers through rich functionality.

Centrally managed
Offers an integrated, vendor agnostic solution managed by one supplier.

Remote proactive management, administration and maintenance of bespoke hosted environment frees internal resources to focus on the core business.

Centralised system which ensures quick and easy deployment, with minimal maintenance requirements as service updates are automated.

Advanced monitoring tools in National Operations Centre (NOC) ensures 24/7 support.

Broad offering and depth of expertise means all company telephony requirements can met by a single supplier.

Comprehensive reporting presented as an analysis via a site of cost and usage information by department, sub department, user or device.

Solutions are hosted in fully replicated and load balanced Tier 4 PCI-compliant Teraco data centres located in Isando and Cape Town, and are aligned to ITIL framework.

Improved call quality
High quality, clear voice calling over a secure network. Superior audio compression and echo cancelling ensures no drop out or sound quality problems.

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