Passive Authentication

Passive Authentication

Change from “who are you?” to “how can I help you?”

Passive Authentication

Agent-assisted passive authentication applies voice biometric verification in the background as the caller speaks naturally to the contact centre agent. The solution identifies and verifies the caller against their enrolled voice biometrics.

Customers and agents are not required to change their behaviour and knowledge-based authentication can be bypassed, which offers an ideal solution for use in customer and contact centre environments where superior CX is imperative.

Benefits of passive authentication:

  • Enables quicker transactions and a frictionless experience.
  • Adds an additional layer to the contact centre’s fraud prevention and security capabilities.
  • Improves authentication success rates to 85%, compared to just 65% with knowledge-based authentication.
  • Significantly reduces average handling time (AHT) by between 30-70 seconds to improve operational efficiencies and customer satisfaction.
  • Reducing AHT by shifting from manual to passive customer authentication also reduces operating costs. A contact centre that handles 500 000 calls per month can realise savings of over R1 000 000 by reducing calls by 45 seconds.
  • Enhances first-call resolution capabilities.

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