Active Authentication

Active Authentication

Change from “who are you?” to “how can I help you?”

Active Authentication

Active authentication automatically verifies callers using the text-dependent phrase, for example, “my voice is my password”.

It is a form of automated authentication that is ideally suited to 24/7 self-service contact centre operations. These capabilities also improve contact centre efficiency by off-loading calls from contact centre staff, by authenticating callers in interactive voice response (IVR) queues.

Benefits of active authentication:

  • Improves operational efficiencies and boosts customer satisfaction.
  • Limits fraudulent behaviour in the contact centre via authentication in the queue.
  • Provides a robust, automated proof-of-life or certificate of existence services.
  • Supports voice log-ins to infrequently used sites.
  • Enables automated voice authenticated password resets.
  • Enables financial transactions such as Card Not Present, confirmation of transactions or lost/stolen card notifications, among others.

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