Voice Authentication

Voice Authentication

Change from “who are you?” to “how can I help you?”


The contact centre has become a critical front-line engagement channel that enables businesses to interact with their customers. To remain competitive in the modern business environment, contact centre operations must meet the expectations of today’s hyper-connected consumers, who demand quicker transactions and a frictionless experience.

Unfortunately, without the appropriate solution in place, the need to authenticate customers to ensure safety, security and regulatory compliance can compromise customer experience (CX). In this regard, remote biometric voice authentication technology is a veritable game-changer for contact centres.

Voice biometric authentication allows customers to easily and quickly verify their identity without the hassle of remembering PINs or passwords. This results in a streamlined and seamless CX that boosts customer satisfaction, without compromising on security.

Unique Offering
Pivotal Data is the only end-to-end solutions provider to offer embedded voice authentication, having seamlessly integrated an advanced remote biometric voice authentication solution – into its Contact Centre solution.

By leveraging one of the most viable forms of remote authentication – a person’s voice – Pivotal Data enables contact centre operations to authenticate callers over any form of voice communication, including landlines, mobile phones (both feature and smart phones) and voice over IP (VoIP).

Advanced Authentication
Using multi-factor authentication, a person is first authenticated against a combination of validation techniques and then enrolled on the voice biometric solution.

A customer’s voice biometrics are securely stored in an encrypted and centralised hosted voice bank and their voice then becomes a unique form of identification that is as accurate as their fingerprints.

When customers call the contact centre, voice biometric technology automatically verifies an individual’s identity by analysing their unique physical and behavioural vocal characteristics, such as pitch, tone, pronunciation, emphasis, accents, and the rhythm of speech. These factors are combined to produce unique and language-independent voice patterns for every individual.

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