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AI reshaping CX in the age of digitisation

We need to reframe our perceptions regarding AI and look for ways to augment it into the workplace to enhance the way we work and operate, rather than resist it. In doing so, we will open up innumerable opportunities to create value, both for customers and the business itself.


Pivotal Data recognised as top-tier Genesys partner

Pivotal Data has realised a long-term strategic ambition by achieving Genesys gold partner status, and has been recognised as the number one partner in Africa based on financial performance.


Transform big data into actionable insights to realise value of contact centre digitisation

In the modern digital economy, data has become the lifeblood of every enterprise. Today, access to rich consumer information is the driving force behind product design, service delivery and the evolution of customer experience and engagement strategies.


An incremental approach to cloud adoption ensures digital transformation success

The practicalities around cloud adoption can be greatly simplified when organisations embrace a phased and augmented cloud transformation roadmap.


African SME contact centres look to cloud to enable a CX-centric future

Within Africa’s vibrant contact centre industry, the adoption of cloud-based services is on the rise as many companies across the continent shift from on-premise to hybrid and in-the-cloud models.

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