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Digitally transform your call centre with Genesys Software and Pivotal

With a Genesys contact centre, your business can achieve the highest customer experience standards while alleviating IT pains and delivering results.

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    What’s your contact centre challenge?

    From changing technology and rising customer expectations, call centres face complications to create a meaningful experience customers are looking for–affecting repeat business and the company’s bottom line.

    51% of consumers have switched brands in 2018 due to poor customer service.

    64% of consumers expect real-time responses from your business.

    Cloud contact centre to the rescue

    Overcome challenges and achieve your unique business goals with a Genesys Cloud contact centre. Going cloud will help your business succeed.

    Genesys omnichannel contact center software

    Blend channels

    Being where your customers are has meant adding point solutions for individual channels. This creates silos and gaps in systems, data, processes and teams.

    Easily optimise software with Genesys Purecloud

    Optimise software

    If your contact centre technology can’t follow the conversation across channels, agents miss valuable context and you offer an inferior experience.

    Manage change efficiently in your Genesys call center

    Manage change

    You don’t have to struggle with day-to-day changes like adding agents, adjusting schedules or editing flows.

    Reliable Systems - Genesys PureCloud Contact Center

    Enjoy reliable systems

    Not all cloud solutions are built on an architecture that allows for failover and immediate scalability. Genesys handles increased interaction loads with ease.

    There’s a Genesys contact centre solution for all business types and sizes.

    Now organisations of all sizes can deliver AI-powered, personalised experiences. From small business to large enterprise, we can help delight your customers, inspire your team, offer personalisation on every channel, anywhere, anytime. Let’s find the Genesys call centre solution that best fits your organisation.

    We can help transform your call centre into an experience centre with this all-in-one cloud contact centre solution with features such as unified customer and agent experiences across phone, email, chat, text and social channels.

    Trial Genesys Cloud contact centre software for free for up to 12 months.

    Don’t just wonder about the difference it can make to your contact centre services – be sure. Try the Genesys Cloud call centre and CX software with this comprehensive free trial. Here’s your chance to see how Genesys Cloud can make customer engagement easy and effortless.

    We can give you access to the richest set of contact centre capabilities with maximum reliability, flexibility and control.

    Genesys PureConnect is an effective omnichannel contact centre solution that will enable your business engage customers in long term, profitable relationships — all while reducing costs and improving customer experience (CX).

    Genesys PureConnect is the only contact centre and customer communications software recognised as a leader in both cloud and on-premises markets.

    Your business’ contact centre can deliver competitively superior customer experiences and digital transformation at any scale with Genesys Engage.

    Choose the right cloud architecture for your contact centre. The bigger the business, the more complex its customer experience (CX) ecosystem is. That’s where Genesys Engage contact centre software can assist you.

    Genesys Engage is the solution of choice for leading organisations that take a multi-vendor approach to CX. Deploy Genesys Engage across multiple cloud vendors. Genesys Engage is available through on-premises, public or private cloud models for flexibility and control.

    Gain insights from the cloud

    Cloud software equips you with data to provide a complete picture of your performance. Unified real-time dashboards, historical reports, customer journey insights and predictive analytics–you need it all.

    KPIs and SLAs to make informed changes – Compare real-time and historical data in a single view.

    AI-powered customer journey analytics – Proactively assist users to do what they came to do. Mission accomplished.

    Predictive analytics for future scenarios – Spot trends, better train staff and plan for the future. You will be ready!

    A smart contact centre for your customers and your business


    Contact centre software
    Engage with cloud-based software featuring all the essentials: voice, routing, inbound, outbound, collaboration and more.

    Digital channels
    Provide consistent experiences across chat, social messaging apps, SMS and bots.

    Workforce Engagement
    Quickly generate accurate forecasts and schedules, monitor quality and adherence, and empower your employees.

    Artificial Intelligence
    Power your business contact centre with Genesys AI for personalized experiences at scale.

    Integrations and Apps
    Easily deploy and administer out-of-the-box integrations for your business CRM solution and other critical business tools.

    Analytics and Reporting
    Dashboards with real-time data and historical reporting make it easy to understand your business and manage across all channels.

    You’re in good company