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Solution overview

You want to migrate to the Genesys Cloud to reap all the benefits of an industry leading, cloud-based contact center platform. But, any migration can be slow and fraught with risks. How can you accelerate this timeline and mitigate those risks?

The Cyara Accelerator for Genesys Cloud speeds up your migration to the Genesys Cloud, so you can take advantage of your new, modern infrastructure while assuring the flawless execution of the journeys you’ve designed.

The Cyara Accelerator is an extension of the Cyara CX Assurance Platform, and provides capabilities across the development lifecycle, including CX design, IVR discovery, functional and regression testing, voice quality testing, load testing and production monitoring. The Cyara Accelerator for Genesys Cloud works with any cloud-based contact center platform.

Assure flawless customer journeys

Cyara simulates real world customer interactions and engages with your contact center, across voice and digital channels, just as a customer would. This enables us to assure your platform is performing exactly as you designed. Based on defined customer journeys, Cyara sends bots to emulate your customers engaging with your contact center platform, testing all the paths, and documenting the results.

Every call placed by Cyara is intelligent, so you gain insights into performance and how to address any issues. Did the call connect in time? Did the actual prompt match the expected prompt? Did the call get delivered to the right agent skill group with the right data attached? Were there any connectivity issues, voice quality issues, dropped calls or maybe just a slight blip at the end of each prompt signifying a VoIP problem? Cyara records it all, reports on it, and allows to you hear and benchmark your CX.

Accelerate migration and assure quality

Accelerate and assure migrations to the Genesys Cloud
Reduce defects and unplanned work
Provide flawless, defect free customer journeys
Enable Agile and DevOps methodologies

5 steps for assuring cloud migration


Additional platform capabilities

ONE: Design

Overcome the challenge of missing or outdated IVR documentation, by automatically calling into your existing IVR to discover and document call flows. This provides a baseline for either a lift and shift, or a redesign of your call centerenvironment.

TWO: Build

With good baseline documentation, you can now to build out your IVR in your new Genesys Cloud platform.


Once you have your system built out in Genesys, you’ll want to run functional and regression tests, across all voice and digital channels, as well as agent voice quality tests. If your strategy is to start with a lift and shift, before you optimize your design, you can automatically generate test cases from the documentation you created during discovery.

This will provide a baseline for performance. And, once you’ve redesigned your customer experience, you can update your documentation or your test cases, and automatically run them against the new design.

FOUR: Deploy

When all is ready to go-live, you’ll want to pressure test your systems across channels to make sure they perform at scale. When they pass the pressure test, you’re ready to go-live.

FIVE: Maintain

Assurance doesn’t stop with going live – you’ll want to monitor from the customer’s perspective once in production, to assure that everything continues to perform as designed, and that your customers are able to complete their journeys flawlessly.

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