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Award-winning automated CX assurance platform

Flawless customer experience (CX) is exactly what you must deliver to build lasting relationships and win the trust and future business of your customers. Both technology and your customers’ expectations move quickly, and to keep up with the pace of change without sacrificing quality you must adopt new solutions that help you build better customer experiences faster.

The award-winning automated CX assurance platform supports the entire CX software development lifecycle, from design to functional and regression testing, load testing and production monitoring – all from a single platform.

Every day, the world’s most recognisable brands trust and rely on Cyara to assure their CX. Whether you are prepping for a seasonal onslaught of customer inquiries, managing unexpectedly high spikes in call volume, debuting a new product, or rolling out new self-service applications, Cyara will test and monitor your CX, assuring that you deliver flawless experiences at scale.

Cyara’s platform handles the full range of CX assurance needs, from the pre-production creation of customer journeys to post-production monitoring. Cyara users can perform CX design and discovery, functional regression testing, performance testing, monitoring and troubleshooting – all from a single platform.

Because CX designs and testing are joined in a single, user-friendly platform, your development teams can ensure that they are testing directly against specifications, and eliminating the process of manually creating test scripts. Cyara leverages Robotic Process Automation (RPA) bots that automatically generate simulated customer interactions – a single bot for functional testing, or an army of bots for performance testing – allowing you to efficiently identify and fix issues before customers have to experience them. These capabilities align with DevOps and Agile business initiatives and move you forward on the path to digital transformation.



Cyara provides your team with a single place to gather, troubleshoot, work, and win CX improvement battles every day. Use Cyara’s intuitive interface to capture CX designs and tests, enable teams to share and recycle scripts and data across functions, and utilise off- the-shelf integrations with technology you already use. Now, in a single environment, business and IT teams can visualise CX from end to end, ensuring collaboration and consistently delivering high performance CX.


Comprehensive channel coverage

Cyara examines every channel, including self- to agent-assisted service – scouring journeys from networks, through IT stack, to applications and all the way to agent desktops. Cyara supports the broadest range of interaction channels, including chatbot, email, IVR, routing, SMS, voice, and web chat.


Maximised productivity

Cyara automates every step of your CX testing, accelerating development while improving quality. Cyara automatically discovers existing CX, builds and maintains test scripts, provides easy-to- use test script authoring, and enables you to share test scripts and data for any part of the testing lifecycle.

Deliver better CX with less effort, cost, time and risk

Cyara is the only automated CX assurance solution that can offer end-to-end visibility and control over your entire customer journey, monitoring and ensuring that your CX continues to delight your customers.


Functional and regression testing


Velocity lets you build your ideal customer journeys, then develop test cases directly from those designs, ensuring that every journey performs exactly as intended. Velocity’s visual interface makes it easy to understand the design, identify potential issues, and then collaborate across your organisation to create the perfect CX.

Velocity lets you maximise your productivity, saving time and money with full automation of CX discovery, test case creation, and test execution.

With Velocity, you can leverage automation and bring Agile and DevOps practices to your contact center, eliminating manual testing and meeting aggressive deadlines while supporting continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD).


Performance testing


No matter your industry, audience, or location, load and performance testing your CX to assure systems work at scale is vital. Generating heavy, synthetic traffic to test infrastructure ahead of a new release, project, or platform migration is essential, but you need a focused strategy. And testing like this once isn’t enough.

For best results, you need a solution and experts with technical experience to guide you, first through small, incremental checks that confirm each element of your system is up to par. Then, once any issues these tests uncovered are resolved, it’s time to load test your contact center architecture as a whole.

Continuously testing to identify vulnerabilities that may be hiding in your infrastructure and fixing them as you find them is key to successful production deployment and better quality CX.

With Velocity, you can leverage automation and bring Agile and DevOps practices to your contact center, eliminating manual testing and meeting aggressive deadlines while supporting continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD).


Proactive monitoring

Pulse keeps watch on your CX, automatically monitoring interactions from both the agent and customer perspective, mimicking their behavior, and providing you with real-time visibility of CX performance. Pulse gives you the power to monitor CX from anywhere you are working, with fully functional dashboards for the web and wallboards in operations centers as well as a mobile app.

Pulse uses Robotic Process Automation (RPA) bots to automatically generate agent and customer interactions that simulate real-world contact scenarios. At regularly scheduled intervals, Pulse fires off synthetic calls, chats to chatbots and web chat, and other interactions, giving you the clearest picture of your entire customer experience infrastructure, including all integration points and handoffs between systems. Pulse makes collaboration easy, providing both IT and executive users multiple ways to quickly view and share vital information about CX performance. Pulse’s customisable dashboards and mobile app let you choose the level of detail you see, and organise information in ways that make sense to you, including by business unit, customer type, or by channel. You can even filter customer journeys by failed, satisfactory, and successful interactions, to focus on the highest-priority issues first.

Additional platform capabilities


Call routing

  • Simulate agents to validate Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) functionality, including screen pops, data dips, and routing. Ensure that calls are being sent to the correct agents, and with all the correct data required to serve your customer.

Agent desktop

  • Create synthetic agent interactions and workflows to measure, validate, and refine application content delivery and behavior. Ensure that desktop application timing and responsiveness are at peak performance.

Global in-country dialing

  • Assess toll-free numbers for voice quality, test carrier connectivity, and personalisation across all countries that you support by generating calls in the local country.

Seamless integrations

  • Share data, such as CX models, test cases, and results, with other technologies, including test management, continuous integration, agile lifecycle management, IT ticketing, and monitoring solutions, as well as cloud contact center platforms.

Voice quality testing

  • Test, measure, score, and monitor voice quality between customer and agent, and identify issues at various points in the communication pathways, including network, local site, and the last mile.

Benefits by numbers



with Cyara platform


< 3 months

After implementation



Spent on production errors

Source: Forrester’s Total Economic ImpactTM (TEI) of Cyara, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Cyara. Published: Jan. 2020

Cyara assures over 5 billion consumer relationships


8 of the top 20

brands in the world


3 of the top 4

credit card networks


4 of the top 5

health insurance companies


7 of the top 12

property insurance companies


Increase productivity

Automate testing and monitoring of your contact center technology with a single, intuitive solution

Reduce costs

Decrease testing time, use testing resources more efficiently and increase self-service containment to reduce demand on agents

Mitigate risk
Mitigate risk

Cut out error-ridden, manual processes and expensive downtime

Source: Contact Center Technology, Global 500 Banking Company Published: Dec. 23, 2019 TVID: E45-464-9E6

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