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81% of organisations consider CX as a competitor differentiator

To remain competitive, contact centre operations must meet the expectations of today’s hyper-connected consumers, who demand quicker transactions and a frictionless experience.

Without the appropriate solution in place, the need to authenticate customers to ensure safety, security and regulatory compliance can compromise customer experience (CX). Remote biometric voice authentication technology is a veritable game-changer for contact centres. Voice biometric authentication allows customers to easily and quickly verify their identity without the hassle of remembering PINs or passwords. This results in a streamlined and seamless CX that boosts customer satisfaction, without compromising on security.

By leveraging one of the most viable forms of remote authentication – a person’s voice – Pivotal Data enables contact centre operations to authenticate callers over any form of voice communication.

Enhance customer satisfaction

Remove the complexity and frustration inherent in traditional authentication processes to reduce call times and improve CX.

Enhance security and decrease fraud

Strengthen security to reduce company and consumer risks and safeguard against the threat of financial losses and reputational damage.

Improve operational efficiencies

Embedded voice authentication reduces call time spent on authentication which reduces costs

Ensure regulatory compliance

Compliant with relevant regulatory standards to support organisational governance and compliance requirements.

Why voice biometrics?

The business benefits are significant across active or passive authentication solutions:
Passive authentication

Agent-assisted passive authentication applies voice biometric verification in the background as the caller speaks naturally to the contact centre agent. The solution identifies and verifies the caller against their enrolled voice biometrics. Knowledge-based authentication can be bypassed, which offers an ideal solution for use in customer and contact centre environments where superior CX is imperative.

5 Enables quicker transactions and a frictionless experience.
5 Adds an additional layer to the contact centre’s fraud prevention and security capabilities.
5 Improves authentication success rates to 85%, compared to just 65% with knowledge-based authentication.
5 Significantly reduces average handling time (AHT) by between 30-70 seconds to improve operational efficiencies and customer satisfaction.
5 Reducing AHT by shifting from manual to passive customer authentication also reduces operating costs. A contact centre that handles 500 000 calls per month can realise savings of over R1 000 000 by reducing calls by 45 seconds.
5 Enhances first-call resolution capabilities.
Active authentication

Active authentication automatically verifies callers using the text-dependent phrase, for example, “my voice is my password”. It is a form of automated authentication that is ideally suited to 24/7 self-service contact centre operations. These capabilities also improve contact centre efficiency by off-loading calls from contact centre staff, by authenticating callers in interactive voice response (IVR) queues.

5 Improves operational efficiencies and boosts customer satisfaction.
5 Limits fraudulent behaviour in the contact centre via authentication in the queue.
5 Provides a robust, automated proof-of-life or certificate of existence services.
5 Enables automated voice authenticated password resets.
5 Supports voice log-ins to infrequently used sites.
5 Enables financial transactions such as Card Not Present, confirmation of transactions or lost/stolen card notifications, among others.

Streamline authentication in the contact centre
and improve customer experience

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