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Speech analytics software designed for South Africa

Contact centre speech analytics software can help contact centres unlock value by optimising their operational performance and improving customer satisfaction. By unlocking the valuable insights to be found in customer conversations, contact centres can make data-driven decisions that drive positive outcomes for both customers and the business.

The Callbi speech analytics solution is the first fully featured contact centre speech analytics solution designed specifically for South African languages, accents, and dialects. This enables you to cater specifically to the South African market and get better, more accurate insights, ultimately improving your operational performance and customer satisfaction. Turn words into powerful business insights!

Ready to turn conversations into a competitive advantage?

    Introducing Callbi speech analytics for contact centres.

    You have the customer conversations, but do you have the insights?
    Having access to customer conversations is a good start, but it is not enough to drive meaningful insights that can improve operational performance and agent behaviour in contact centres. Extracting insights from customer conversations requires the use of contact centre speech analytics tools, such as Callbi, to analyse the data and identify patterns and trends that can be used to drive actionable insights.

    Speech Analytics Software designed for South African Languages

    Callbi is the first fully featured speech analytics solution designed specifically for South African languages, accents and dialects.

    Affordable Speech Analytics Software for Contact Centres

    This cost-effective cloud-based solution enables Pivotal Data to quickly and easily deploy these capabilities into your hosted contact centre.

    Transform your contact centre, and your business, with speech analytics software.

    03_Improved agent behaviour-callbi-speech-analytics-software-for-contact-centres-in-south-african-languages

    Improved agent behaviour and performance:

    Monitor and guide your agents towards success

    • Identify and assess calls with negative agent behaviours; intervene appropriately.
    • Craft effective processes, prevent high staff turnover and poor customer satisfaction.
    • Monitor and assess keywords, phrases and acoustic quality, to optimise scripts and agent’s approach.
    • Improved First Call Resolution
    • Identify individual and group training or coaching needs.

    Operational efficacy:

    Report and optimise with the click of a button

    • Monitoring and analysis: Analyse, QA and score 100% of calls.
    • Capacity planning with Average Handle Time. Surpass customer expectations with accurate data.
    • Provide managers with insights to ensure that agents perform according to compliance.
    • Automatically extract low scoring calls, allowing QA and compliance teams to focus on high-risk or poor-quality calls.

    Business Intelligence:

    Turn information into intelligence

    • Respond to changing market conditions by quickly and cost effectively gaining access to quantifiable data.
    • Review and re-engineer business processes to maintain the organisations overall value proposition.
    • ‘Get the full picture’ and enhance business intelligence by using speech analytics to mine vast amounts of meta data.

    Revenue Generation:

    Analyse success patterns and predict consumer patterns to drive ROI

    • Typically, speech analytics delivers a surprisingly fast return on investment.
    • Develop and implement refined, revenue-orientated customer engagement strategies by gaining accessing to powerful insights from your organisations call data.

    Speech analytics software is essential to all competitive contact centres.

    Callbi speech analytics solution features:

    All-in-one speech analytics dashboard

    Callbi quickly and efficiently ingests voice recordings in virtually any standard format and within minutes, presents the user dashboard.

    This dashboard can be user-configured to show the most useful or most frequently accessed queries or high-level analytics.

    All-in-one dashboard
    Low-error transcriptions

    Low-error transcriptions

    Callbi quickly transcribes voice to text. Using a unique proprietary algorithm, Callbi separates caller and agent transcriptions and allows the user to click-and-listen to any part of the conversation.

    Using custom-developed South African language libraries, Callbi can achieve a less than 25% transcription Word Error Rate. In other words, exceptionally high accuracy.

    Build and customise multiple queries and reports

    Callbi’s powerful query builder and reporting tools provide users with the intuitive ability to rapidly build highly flexible and fully customisable queries, results dashboards and saveable and exportable reports.

    Build and customise multiple queries and reports

    Getting started with speech analytics in your contact centre is easy

    Speech Analytics Software designed for South African Languages

    25 languages and dialects

    • Our software caters for all the official South African languages
    08_Easy to use-callbi-speech-analytics-software-for-contact-centres-in-south-african-languages

    Easy to use

    • See results within an hour.
    • Not getting value? Cancel with a months’ notice
    09_compliant and secure-callbi-speech-analytics-software-for-contact-centres-in-south-african-languages

    Compliant and secure

    • Cloud-based
    • POPIA, GDPR & ISO compliant


    • No significant upfront costs
    • A 3-month Callbi pilot costs less than the salary of a contact centre QA agent

    You’re in good company. #1 speech analytics solution in South Africa
    100% South African technology used in over 60 contact centres.

    Benefits of speech analytics

    Typically, organisational users of speech analytics adept with appropriate skills, are experiencing significant measurable successes.
    The following are a few of the typical gains that are being reported in respected industry analyst:

    5 Reduction in call Average Handling Time (15% to 25%)
    5 Reduction in Customer Churn (Depending on vertical) (10% to 15%)
    5 Increase in First Contact Resolution (30%+)
    5 Increase in Employee Satisfaction (30%+)
    5 Increase in Customer Satisfaction (30%+)

    Streamline customer interactions, reduce costs and provide insights into customer behavior, desires and patterns.

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