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Voice of the Customer Your customers are speaking. Are you listening?

Capture customer interactions and use this insight to improve performance

Consumer preferences and expectations in the modern, digital economy are constantly evolving. Accordingly, contact centres require the capabilities to deliver personalised and relevant services and experiences they demand. To do so requires managing the explosion in customer data and the channel fragmentation that has accompanied the digitalisation trend to reveal the unique insights that create compelling and memorable customer experiences.

This requires intelligent, customer-centric solutions that can segment customers at a granular level and orchestrate hyper-personalised and hyper-relevant engagements across all touch points to shape brand perceptions, drive brand loyalty, boost sales and deliver a return on investment.

Knowledge is power. You’d do better if you know better.

Pivotal Voice of the Customer is a cloud-based customer survey solution that enables organisations to hear and understand their customers’ voices to more effectively deliver these engagements and services. Pivotal Voice of the Customer leverages proprietary software to deliver an industry-agnostic, multi-channel survey offering that engages customers at various touch points along their customer journey, regardless of their preferred channel.

The benchmark surveys create statistically-sound, bias-free data that reveals insights that can inform engagement and craft relevant and personalised services and engagements to enhance CX and elevate customer satisfaction.

Native integration
Secure and compliant

Voice of the Customer Benefits:

Hear your customer in real time

Hear every voice and ensure every voice matter, by measuring the voice of the customer correctly from the outset. Understand the factors that driver customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction and leverage this feedback to drive change

Understand customer preferences

Gather information to determine what customers actually want or need and through data visualisation and analytics, form a clear picture of what your customers are saying.

Improve organisational performance

Improve agent performance by measuring each individual contribution to the voice of the customer, and improve first-call resolution by understanding where and why customers’ expectations were not met first time around.

Voice of the Customer Features:

Plug and play

Cloud-based native integration into most major contact centre and CRM builds robust Voice of the Customer programmes. Plug and play deployment capabilities for rapid rollout when provisioned as a full turn-key offering.

Multi-channel customer intelligence

Sentiment analysis can systematically translate various responses into measurable results to add to digital channel engagement data to determine exactly how customers feel.

Enhanced reaction and response

Built-in experience recovery tools manage individual cases, and automatic escalations and closed-loop feedback ensure recovery from failures all in one system.