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Pivotal Insights Transform data into impactful business insights

Data visualisation, simplified

Data-driven decision-making is vital to business success in the modern digital economy. Your company can now easily turn data into actionable insights that drive better business decisions and operational outcomes with Pivotal Insights.

Introducing Pivotal Insights

Pivotal Insights is a powerful and intuitive cloud-based non-technical data visualisation tool that will change the way your business interacts with data.

The solution makes data flexible, informative and a lot more fun to work with, while improving decision-making and maximising business value.

Pivotal Insights is securely hosted and maintained within Microsoft Azure infrastructure and integrates with Genesys Cloud to deliver data visualisation for enterprise communication and collaboration services, and contact centres.

Control your data

The Pivotal Insights Software as a Service (SaaS) shared model is designed to respond to what customers need, rather than what developers think clients require.

It also supports future enhancements, which means the solution never dates and can be used forever.

This cloud-based data platform is fully customisable to meet and evolve with your data visualisation requirements to deliver the information you need in the format you want.

The solution architecture enables Pivotal Data and our clients to craft purpose-built functionality and extract bespoke reports without the need for additional custom development.

Implement Pivotal Insights in your business to:

Create data-driven business strategies

Initiate a continuous digitisation roadmap

Help clients make better decisions regarding customer satisfaction

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      Where did you hear about Pivotal Data?
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