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Performance DNA Invest in employee success and boost business performance

Take performance management to new heights

Performance DNA is a unique employee performance management solution. It enables you to correlate business performance with employee skills, knowledge and attributes to deliver optimal business outcomes.

Explore and visualise great performance through assessments and correlation analysis. More importantly, discover which skills, knowledge and behaviors comprise top performers among your employees. Armed with this valuable information, generate blueprints by roles showing what great performance looks like, define the optimal KPIs for those roles and focus on performance improvements that make biggest difference.

Performance DNA integrates with more enterprise systems than other performance management solutions, which fall short because they can’t access and interpret data, No other performance management solution integrates with so many enterprise systems. Unlike solutions that can only tell you how employees are doing, Performance DNA tells you what actions to take to achieve great performances – employee by employee.

Access relevant performance data from all available sources, including contact center data, customer surveys and HR systems, to understand how each employee performs against their role blueprint, and identify any skills gaps.

Provide individualised training and coaching plans on a next-best-action basis for each employee, avoiding an expensive one-size-fits-all approach and getting the best out of every individual. These plans can be scheduled automatically in your workforce planning application during existing downtime – limiting any effects on operations.

Employees will understand what is required of them to be successful and know what it takes to advance their careers. You can also easily compare groups, sites, business lines and even outsourced operations. Analyse and compare critical metrics across the business, including sales conversion, customer satisfaction and first contact resolution.

Finally, automated skill profile updates ensure that employees receive the work they are trained for, qualified in and competent to handle successfully. In short, directing employees with the right level of work reinforces what they have been trained for and learned. The end result is happier, more successful and more engaged employees.

Better employee performance for better business results

The days of an expensive, one-size-fits-all approach to performance management are over. Now it’s about creating effective, personalised approaches to develop skills and knowledge, and finding the right balance between employee and organisation needs. Customers have achieved the following benefits:

5 Reduced time to market to support a product launch, from 3 weeks down to 5 days
5 86% reduction in scheduling time for classroom training and 79% reduction in time for eLearning
5 Average of 11% customer satisfaction improvement
5 14% reduction in average handle time (AHT)
5 50% of agents increased sales conversions by over 5% for a global mobile operator
5 10% reduction in repeat calls, equaling $5 million in annual savings
5 More than 20% improvement in employee engagement across all surveyed client workforces

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