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Interaction Analytics Unlock the insights hidden within your customer interactions

Maximising the business value of interaction analytics

Your business has a multitude of interactions with customers and prospects every day – conversations that hold valuable insights into trends, issues and business performance. The information hidden within those conversations could hold the key to improving your contact center revenue, reducing your costs and improving the customer experience your contact center delivers. However, with traditional contact center monitoring and measurement systems and processes, it is nearly impossible to understand the meaning of all of the conversations to uncover those insights.

Your contact center tracks numerous statistics to measure performance, but these traditional metrics do not provide any information about what actually occurred during the conversations.

Customer surveys are an excellent method of gathering direct customer feedback. Survey scores can be used to measure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as customer satisfaction and first contact resolution (FCR), but unfortunately most customers do not respond to survey requests. Furthermore, survey scores by themselves do not explain why customers are dissatisfied, nor do they indicate the root cause of low FCR rates.

Manual review limits your insights

Unfortunately it is nearly impossible to manually review all of the conversations that your business has with customers and prospects. Traditional Quality Management programs usually depend upon having employees listen to randomly selected calls. Due to its manual nature, this process is expensive, so most organisations cannot afford to review more than 2% or so of the calls they handle. Other communication channels like chat or email are usually handled by separate systems and teams, and often are reviewed even less frequently, and in isolation. When you only review a small percentage of the conversations that your organisation has every day, you ignore a treasure trove of valuable insights about your business processes, customer requirements and workforce performance that lie hidden within those conversations.

Find the keys to increasing your contact center revenue, reducing costs and improving the customer experience by uncovering the true meaning of all conversations. Improve contact center revenue generation. If your contact center is focused on sales or collections, or if you would like to improve cross-selling and up-selling in your customer service center, interaction analytics can help increase your revenue by:

Identifying the critical agent skills within interactions that lead to successful sales or collections

Precisely targeting training and coaching to focus on those key skills

Continuously monitoring all conversations to ensure usage of the key skills and ongoing improvements


Reduce costs
5 Reducing Average Handle Time (AHT) by analysing all calls to identify the root cause of high handle times
5 Increasing operational efficiency by automating previously manual tasks
5 Reducing contact volume by identifying types of contacts that could be handled using self-service method
Improve CX
5 Increasing FCR by analysing all conversations to identify the root cause of low FCR
5 Increasing Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) by identifying and eliminating the key causes of dissatisfaction
5 Increasing agent skills to more effectively understand and address customer needs and issues

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