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Gamification Stay ahead of the game and outplay the competition

Get in the game to boost agent productivity

Motivated and engaged contact centre agents constantly deliver outstanding service that elevates the customer experience, or boost sales to positively impact the bottom line. Incentivising this behaviour creates a successful, customer-centric contact centre operation. Gamification is, therefore, rapidly emerging as a prolific trend within contact centres globally.

Gamification is a powerful and effective means to influence behaviour, enhance employee experience and boost performance across your organisation’s sales, marketing and customer service functions. By implementing game mechanics in the contact centre, managers can foster healthy competition among agents and motivate them to achieve KPIs in a fun and engaging way.

Pivotal Gamification

Happy agents for happy customers

With Pivotal Data, it’s easy to embrace gamification in your operation. nGAGEMENT gamifies employee engagement and inspires agents to achieve their objectives through an immersive game-like environment using game mechanics, social media concepts and recognition.

The solution influences agent behaviour by leveraging a person’s natural desire for competition, collaboration, achievement, status and recognition. The solutions build intrinsic motivation and improves engagement and satisfaction by creating positive human emotions and user experiences.

Motivate contact centre agents to deliver the best possible CX

Track employee engagement

The unique points system helps managers keep score of their employees, monitor motivation and participation, and inspires agents to perform better.

Automate contests and challenges

Take the grunt work out of employee engagement by setting up contests and challenges that test skills and knowledge.

Monitor your teams

Track performance, attrition, workforce optimisation, and more through in-depth analytics and a dedicated dashboard designed to meet the needs of today’s contact centre managers.

Reward your agents

Agents can earn points, badges, and rewards that show off their achievements and foster advanced goal setting amongst team members

Gamify and transform KPIs

Get the most out of your agents by boosting performance through gamification.

Encourage friendly competition

Improve employee engagement by encouraging agents to compete with one another in call centre games and challenges.

Assign personalised goals

Each agent is different – help them reach their full potential by inspiring better performance with strategic goals.

Leverage agents natural desire