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Callbi banner Callbi Speech analytics tool to provide the highest level of customer care

Secure cloud-based speech analytics

Callbi is a South African developed speech analytics solution that organises, analyses, and opera-tionalises contact centre interactions – providing insight into your business in order to solve your business challenges and improve customer engagement.

Callbi utilises advanced speech-to-text technology specifically developed for the South African dialects, and supports South African English, Zulu and Afrikaans.

Hosted on AWS in Ireland, all call recordings and metadata are securely uploaded to AWS for processing by Callbi.

Access to call recordings and insights are limited to authorised and authenticated users only, with strict security measures being applied to ensure data security according to POPI, GDPR and ISO requirements.


All-in-one dashboard

Callbi quickly and efficiently ingests voice recordings in virtually any standard format and within minutes, presents the user dashboard.

This dashboard can be user-configured to show the most useful or most frequently accessed queries or high-level analytics.

Low-error transcriptions

Callbi quickly transcribes voice to text. Using a unique proprietary algorithm, Callbi separates caller and agent transcriptions and allows the user to click-and-listen to any part of the conversation.

Using custom-developed South African language libraries, Callbi can achieve a less than 25% transcription Word Error Rate. In other words, exceptionally high accuracy.

Build and customise multiple queries and reports

Callbi’s powerful query builder and reporting tools provide users with the intuitive ability to rapidly build highly flexible and fully customisable queries, results dashboards and saveable and exportable reports.


Typically, organisational users of speech analytics adept with appropriate skills, are experiencing significant measurable successes.
The following are a few of the typical gains that are being reported in respected industry analyst:

5 Reduction in call Average Handling Time (15% to 25%)
5 Reduction in Customer Churn (Depending on vertical) (10% to 15%)
5 Increase in First Contact Resolution (30%+)
5 Increase in Employee Satisfaction (30%+)
5 Increase in Customer Satisfaction (30%+)

Streamline customer interactions, reduce costs and provide insights into customer behavior, desires and patterns