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Pivotal on Demand simplifies contact center deployments

Pivotal on Demand enables clients to establish a superior full-service contact centre for a fraction of the investment required to operate a traditional contact centre

As the influence of the emerging digital generation grows, consumer engagement preferences continue to evolve. Contact centre capabilities must, therefore, keep step with these changes to deliver relevant and effective service.

However, many operators still grapple with cumbersome on-site solutions that are expensive to maintain, pose risks to up-time and continuity, and are ill-equipped to deliver the customer experience that modern customers demand.

While cloud-based contact centre solutions can deliver the flexibility and capabilities required to operate in the modern digital economy, many options have been developed specifically for the enterprise market.

“These options are often too complex and costly for the small to medium-sized enterprise, offering features that add to the costs but are seldom if ever, used by agents,” explains Bruce Arnold, Chief Executive Officer at Pivotal Data.

To fill this gap in affordable solutions that cater specifically to the mid-market, Pivotal Data has developed Pivotal on Demand, a pay-per-use, plug-and-play fully hosted contact centre solution.

“Pivotal on Demand enables clients to establish a superior full-service contact centre for a fraction of the investment required to operate a traditional contact centre, with no upfront or defined term,” explains Arnold.

The pay-per-use model, which is calculated per agent, per day, per functionality and billed based on a daily usage report produced by the system, shifts the contact centre from a major capital expenditure or fixed operational expenditure to a flexible, easy-to-control operating expense.

More importantly, operators gain access to a functional, feature-full contact centre platform within a few hours or, in more complex environments, a few days, because deployment from the cloud is quick and easy.

The cloud deployment methodology also ensures that operators can scale capacity to cater to shifts in volumes, be it seasonal spikes or in response to volatile economic factors.

“These capabilities circumvent many of the challenges, delays and costs experienced during traditional on-site implementations or upgrades. Also, no new hardware is needed, which means operators can forgo the onerous tasks of hardware and application installations and setup, server and storage provisioning, and testing the new installation.”

According to Arnold, this offers significant benefits to any small and mid-market organisation that is currently considering a contact centre migration, as there is minimal interruption to operations.

The Pivotal on Demand solution also enables engagement via multiple channels, including voice, chat, SMS, email, and social media, catering to inbound, outbound and blended contact centres.

“The solution ticks all the boxes, offering all the critical digital engagement channels and core functionality of an enterprise solution, but without all the complexity and costs,” continues Arnold.

The user experience is also simplified because agents can access the Pivotal on Demand solution via a thin client using a local browser. “This makes it possible for agents to work remotely, with the ability to quickly and easily access all the Pivotal on Demand tools they need to perform their job functions.”

Pivotal on Demand is hosted in the fully geo-redundant Teraco data centre network, which ensures SLA-linked availability and business continuity.

A host of other features, including easy integration with Zendesk, Salesforce, Freshdesk, Sugar CRM, Twilio, Oracle or any browser-based CRM solution, also improves usability, while functionality such as real-time performance analytics and reporting, quality management, call scripting and form building help to optimise the contact centre environment.

“These features create an agile contact centre operation that is equipped to easily, efficiently and cost-effectively meet the demands of an increasingly digitally-engaged consumer market, with a solution that future-proofs capabilities in this highly dynamic environment,” concludes Arnold