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No double billing on current contact centre solution for up to 12 months!

It’s easier than ever to move to Cloud. No license costs. No risk.

No cloud licenses fees until the maintenance of your existing contact centre solution expires.
That’s right: you can sign up to deploy Genesys Cloud without paying for the licenses until the maintenance of your current contact centre solution expires. This means that you can immediately experience the power of our industry-leading all-in-one cloud contact centre with no double payment on your part.

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So where is the catch? There isn’t any!

Omnichannel Live Chat

Quick deployment

  • Experience the power of cloud on day one, scale fast as you need it
  • Need to start immediately? Customers went live within a week with simple and standard scenario

No risk

  • Fail safe and with no time pressure – your legacy system stays fully operational and supported during the transition

No double cost

  • Genesys cloud services fully available at no cost until the maintenance of your current legacy contact centre solution expires.

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    Future proof technology

    CX technology that is future-proof, a proven product with a published roadmap from a provider with a track record of investment and innovation. 

    Measure performance, manage teams

    Gain the insight you need to take control of key performance metrics (NPS, FCR, AHT, Quality, Forecasting and Occupancy)

    Better agent experience

    Jumping between systems, manual workaround and desktop integration makes the job harder.  Help your teams amaze when they engage with customers. 

    Break down CX barriers

    Connect, manage and understand across every engagement. Blend inbound and outbound. Add digital channels. All using single CX platform.

    Single source of truth

    Get complete, reliable data across the whole customer journey for an accurate view into customer behavior.

    Reduce risk

    See proof that other companies like yours have migrated successfully, learn how it worked and understand specific benefits they have achieved.

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    Applies to contact centres based and headquartered in Europe, Middle East and Africa.
    Maximum period of 12 months of no billing.
    Terms and conditions apply.

    Applicable Outgoing Genesys Platforms: Engage Perpetual Premise, Engage Premise Subscription, Engage Cloud, PureConnect Perpetual Premise, PureConnect Premise Subscription & PureConnect Cloud
    Applicable Competitive Vendors: Alcatel-Lucent, Altitude Software, Aspect, Avaya, Cisco/Broadsoft, Enghouse, inConcert, Mitel/Shoretel, Mitrol, NEC, Unify/Siemens & WICOM (SAP)

    Deliver personalised experiences on the channel of your customers’ choice
    and give your team the tools to make every moment count.