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Pivotal Data again recognised for cloud migration excellence

For the second consecutive year, Pivotal Data was the only South African partner shortlisted for the EMEA Migration Partner of the Year category at the prestigious annual Genesys partner awards.

Genesys selects candidates for the EMEA Migration Partner of the Year award based on multiple criteria, including their ability to demonstrate expertise, drive value and successfully deploy multiple in-country implementations.

“Cloud adoption has accelerated, driven on multiple fronts by pandemic-influenced factors and powerful digitalisation trends that pre-dated the pandemic,” explains Karl Reed, Chief Solutions Officer at Pivotal Data.

The ability to successfully migrate customers to the cloud is predicated on multiple factors, including establishing the customer’s existing cloud-based capabilities, their cloud migration strategy, and their position on the cloud migration continuum.

According to Reed, Pivotal Data’s success rate is based on the in-depth consultative approach the team takes to understand a customer’s business and operation before starting any cloud migration.

“We don’t believe that cloud migration is a box-drop solution, which is why we do not use a ‘copy and paste’ approach for new business proposals.”

Pivotal Data performs a bespoke, in-depth analysis of every business before submitting a proposal.

“We have a unique and extensive six-phase process that sets us apart from other migration partners. Our expert team, which collectively boasts overs three decades of experience, holistically analyses the business, its operations and processes, along with other elements such as data management, security, compliance and connectivity, The technology itself is actually a small component of the initial analysis.” continues Reed.

These intricate education, pre-sales, workshopping, mapping and scoping processes apply Pivotal Data’s proven methodology, bespoke tools sets and operational tools to accurately establish a customer’s readiness for cloud migration.

“Based on our findings, we inform customers if they are not ready and propose a migration plan to help them reach the point where they can confidently consider end-to-end cloud adoption,” elaborates Reed.

This thorough analysis also helps to identify potential challenges, complexities or unexpected issues upfront that could affect deployment timeframes or the ultimate success of the project.

“This minimises risks and creates trust between us and the customer. The end-to-end analysis sets realistic expectations and delivers insights that inform the migration strategy and roadmap, and ultimately lays the groundwork for success because it gives customers the confidence to migrate their existing environment to the cloud.”

And it is this trust and confidence that enables Pivotal Data to adopt a risk-reward approach when it comes to winning in-country business.

“We do not charge customers for the analysis. We are confident that the work and resources we invest upfront, and our customer-centric approach will secure the new business and result in the migration,” adds Reed.

This approach has delivered a 100% success rate to date for Pivotal Data, which is a major factor in the company’s consistent selection in the EMEA Migration Partner of the Year category.

Pivotal Data has assisted numerous private and public sector companies and organisations in Southern Africa with the Genesys cloud migrations to date. In the last 12 months alone, Pivotal Data has migrated over 950 seats from PureConnect and PureEngage, while impacting over 11 organisations across multiple sectors.

By ticking all the boxes during the analysis, Pivotal Data can confidently recommend a tailored cloud solution that meets the client’s specific requirements, including TCO and ROI calculations and projections.

“Every customer is different but applying our proven approach covers every aspect of the business and how the migration will impact them in specific areas, including all operational, cultural and behavioural changes. We can then walk clients through every facet of the migration before it happens, which typically makes signing the proposal a mere formality,” concludes Reed.