Thornhill Office Park, Midrand

Vacancy: Technical Team Lead

Responsible for managing and advancing the 2nd tier engineering requests and incidents. Establishes and refines the processes, techniques, tools, and methods used by engineers, both on and offsite, to provide exceptional support and services to customers. Provides technical guidance to and supports the daily activities of the 2nd tier engineering team. Responsible for ensuring changes to all environments are well managed using a defined risk-based process to ensure minimal disruption to IT systems and business process.

Key responsibilities
5 Responsible for managing all procedures related to identification prioritization and resolution of incidents, including the monitoring, tracking and coordination of Service functions.
5 Ensures team meets or enables achievement of relevant IT metrics and commitments per IT business goals and objectives.
5 Evaluate, document and identify gaps in current process and build remediation plans to ensure excellent customer service and availability.
5 Establish and document best practices throughout the entire technical support process and ensure service policies, procedures and knowledge base are current and well documented.
5 Provides consultation, advice, and direction for the 2nd tier engineers.
5 Documents incidents and resolutions within the call tracking application and provides updates to the knowledgebase where applicable.
5 Responsible for the coordination and distribution of resources.
5 Responsible for staffing capacity planning, service process design performance analysis and developing proactive resolution plans.
5 Development and support of all engineers.
5 Facilitate IT Change Control Board (CCB) meetings, and real-time decision making:

  • Ensure participation across functional groups, issue meeting summaries and update change requests with decisions resulting from the review meeting.
  • Ensure change requests meet all requirements to increase success factors, reduce risk and minimize the impact of change-related incidents on service quality.
  • Help resolve issues with Functional/Technical/Business Leads to assure acceptability of a change request.
  • Monitor and evaluate IT execution to drive adherence to engineer change control process; Own evidence – based metrics to demonstrate process effectiveness and make transparent controls.
  • Communicate significant changes to business stakeholders on behalf of the 2nd Tier function.
Knowledge, skills and abilities
5 Ideally 3 – 5 years working in a Genesys support environment including managing and leading a team.
5 Fluent in verbal and written English.
5 Must have basic math, reading and writing skills to be able to count, read instructions and document necessary paperwork.
5 Able to multi-task, have demonstrated organizational, detail orientation, prioritization skills, and time management skills to ensure that work-related activities are completed in an accurate and timely manner.
5 Ability to work effectively in a team-oriented, high demand and fast-paced environment.
5 Ability to maintain a high level of confidentiality and work with highly sensitive data and information.
5 Solid communication skills to effectively deal with various levels of management, staff and/or outside contacts.
5 Demonstrated interpersonal skills to work effectively in a team environment and maintain a professional and positive manner.
5 Effective listening skills to ensure understanding of instructions and directions and effectively communicate progress and problems to co-workers and management.
5 Familiarity with a variety of office equipment, standard software packages and application and use of personal computers to include the Microsoft Office suite of products.
Job specific
5 Demonstrated analytical aptitude to identify opportunities for change, identify alternative best practice solutions and anticipate future problems and opportunities.
5 Demonstrated problem identification and problem resolution skills used to effectively determine and implement alternative solutions and bring issues to a positive resolution.
5 Demonstrated ability to apply assessment measurement and evaluation techniques to ensure processes, systems and applications meet business needs.
5 Demonstrated ability to solve complex of problem; gleans meaning from whatever date is available; is a quick study of the new and different; adds personal wisdom and experience to come to the best conclusion and solution, given the situation; used multiple problem-solving tools and techniques.
5 Effective problem solving skills used to identify and resolve day-to-day operation and employee relations problems.
5 Demonstrated leadership skills to effectively develop and lead a high performing team in meeting function/department/company short-term goals and objectives. Ability to take charge and get results within a team environment.
5 Demonstrated change management aptitude and ability. Takes a proactive role in bring about change, applying new ways to develop the business through improved management of people and processes.
5 Ability to think strategically and identify critical success factors when developing strategy and plans for assigned area of responsibility. Ability to translate diverse pieces of information into meaningful conclusions and results.
5 Demonstrated ability to clearly and concisely express ideas and concepts verbally and in writing and adopts writing style and language to fit the situation/audience.
5 Knows the business and the mission-critical technical and functional skills needed to do the job; understands various types of business propositions and understand how businesses operate in general; learns new methods and technologies easily.
5 Takes on all issues, challenges and people; comfortably confronts and works through conflict; delivers negative feedback and messages without hesitation deals promptly and fairly with problem performers; lets everyone know where they stand; thrives in crises and is energized by tough challenges; not afraid to make negative decisions and take touch actions; challenges the status quo.
Other position considerations
5 Travel may be required to attend work-related meetings and training sessions.
5 May be required to work a flexible schedule that provides needed coverage for customer service levels and/or time-sensitive projects. Incumbent must be able to support operations that are opened weekends and evenings. All employees must be willing to work all shifts, overtime, holidays and emergency shifts as required.
5 Able to maintain a regular work schedule to meet the needs of the business.
5 Required to read and follow all company policies and procedures.
5 If you are interested in applying for this role, please complete our online skills assessment here
5 Support and model the company values.
5 It usually takes approximately 1 hour to complete the profile which consists of your; personal details, educational background, experience, preferences, as well as skill testing.
5 If you cannot complete your profile in one sitting, you can log in again at a later stage using your email and password. Please only log off after selecting “Next” so that the answers to your last completed page are saved.
5 Take note of the following before you being your assessment
5 Limit distractions. It is important that you are not distracted or disturbed. Any distractions may have a direct impact on your result.
5 Check your equipment. Check your computer and internet connection before starting, as some questions are set to a time limit and cannot be retaken.
5 You should have paper, a pen/pencil and a calculator at hand.
5 Read all instructions clearly. For certain questions you will be given a time limit. Note; you must answer these questions BEFORE the time expires.