Thornhill Office Park, Midrand

Vacancy: Senior Telephony Engineer

This is a multi-faceted role that will encompass design, implementation and support during all phases of various technical projects within Pivotal Data. The engineer will also be responsible for supporting and advancing the support team as well as establishing and refining processes techniques, tools, and methods used by engineers, both onsite and offsite. Responsible for ensuring changes to all environments are well managed using a defined risk-based process to ensure minimal disruption to client applications, systems and business processes.

Key responsibilities

80% Technical:

  • Provide technical guidance in planning and executing assigned projects.
  • Develop new systems and maintain and modify existing systems when required.
  • Participate in project analysis, design, implementations and supporting phases.
  • Prepare user requirements, technical specifications and design specifications.
  • Provide support in system and user acceptance testing
  •  Review and recommend improvements to existing system designs.
  • Analyze project requirements and accordingly provide technical and functional recommendations.
  • Respond to customer queries and concerns in a timely fashion.
  • Schedule engineering meetings to discuss new ideas and issues.
  • Recommend new technologies to improve system performance and reliability.
  • Liaison with engineers and other technical leads across the Company and wider sector to ensure strong technical solutions are delivered
  • Liaison with partners technical leaders to ensure that systems are interoperable and futureproofed
  • In conjunction with the training team, maintain oversight of technical development for the team
  • Contributing to infrastructure engineering tradecraft and institutional knowledge.
  • Proactive research and assessment of the potential benefits and/or impact of new developments relevant to the products
  • Technical capabilities delivered by the team meet non-functional and functional requirements
  • Technology risk in projects and for production systems is minimized.
  • Technologies developed to meet customer and business requirements
  • New ‘first of’ technical capability refinements are forecast and implemented in an approved and risk-managed manner
  • Knowledge across the team is documented and effectively transferred to the team via documentation, operating procedures and comprehensive technical reports
  • Liaising with internal stakeholders to support ‘Business As Usual’ functions
  • Ensure the infrastructure is maintained to meet business requirements.
  • Establishing and maintaining relationships with providers
  • Ensuring patch cycles and upgrades occur in a timely and controlled manner
  • Relationships with internal stakeholders are strong and productive
  • Relationship with Supplier’s technical leads are well managed
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA) are met
  • Handling of day to day support tickets.
  • Regular reporting is provided to customers Systems up-to-date, well maintained and monitored
  • Being subject matter expert for assigned systems and technology.
  • Ensuring systems in production are supported to the service levels agreed with customers
  • Software is installed and maintained to the agreed standard.
  • Capability, processes, designs and development are aligned with business requirements an continually improved
  • A stable build of capability within the nominated area is maintained and available for deployment as required
  • Implementing projects to the necessary standard using an approved methodology
  • Contributing expertise to wider Pivotal Group projects as required
  • Training and lifecycle support mechanisms are in place
  • QA of system design and architecture specifications
  • Providing technical advice to counterparts in the sector
  • Ensuring system documentation is prepared and maintained to a suitable standard for certification and accreditation
  • Complex technology is implemented across the sector maximizing the desired business benefit with minimal adverse unintended consequences and by approved architectural principles
  • Customers and counterparts value the business benefits derived from the delivered capabilities
  • The technical credibility of the Team via regular QA or ticket audits.
  • Understand and comply with requirements to keep full and accurate records
  • Understand and comply with requirements to appropriately access and handle intelligence reporting and data
  • Follow PD’s rules and procedures for information management and handling
  • Access to, use of and sharing of information and data is managed appropriately in line with legal and business requirements
  • Providing technical advice and guidance to other capability development units and staff members on the integration of capabilities and end-to-end system performance
  • Responsible for managing all procedures related to identification prioritization and resolution of incidents, including the monitoring, tracking and coordination of Service functions.
  • Ensures team meets or enables the achievement of relevant IT metrics and commitments per IT business goals and objectives.
  • Evaluate, document and identify gaps in the current process and build remediation plans to ensure excellent customer service and availability.
  • Establish and document best practices throughout the entire technical support process and ensure service policies, procedures and knowledge base are current and well documented
  • Responsible for the coordination and distribution of resources.
  • Responsible for staffing capacity planning, service process design performance analysis and developing proactive resolution plans.
  • Ensure participation across functional groups, issue meeting summaries and update change requests with decisions resulting from the review meeting.
  • Ensure change requests meet all requirements to increase success factors, reduce risk and minimize the impact of change-related incidents on service quality.
  • Help resolve issues with Functional/Technical/Business Leads to assure the acceptability of a change request.
  • Monitor and evaluate technical execution to drive adherence to engineering change control process; Own evidence-based metrics to demonstrate process effectiveness and make transparent controls

20% People Leadership

  • Ensure team members understand the requirements of their work and are equipped with the tools and training required for successful performance and effective decision making.
  • Ensures all departmental staff is adequately trained.
  • Efficient delivery of all activities undertaken in pursuit of PD objectives.
  • The team works collaboratively and coordinates effectively with other teams, Customers and Suppliers.
  • Effectively lead, develop, coach and manage employees and positively influence their progress towards successful results
  • All team members have meaningful development plans and receive regular feedback on progress.
  • Employee issues (including non-performance) are successfully addressed
  • Personal development opportunities are identified and pursued with team staff
  • Effectively manage workloads to ensure they are equitable and appropriate to individual skill sets and levels
  • Ensure new staff are welcomed into the team and a complete and comprehensive induction is undertaken
  • Model the principles of PD
  • Values in all aspects of work
  • Development and support of all engineers
  • Commitment to exploring opportunities for continuous improvement
Knowledge, skills and abilities
  • Must have basic math, reading and writing skills to be able to count, read instructions and document necessary paperwork.
  • Able to multi-task, have demonstrated organizational, detail orientation, prioritization skills, and time management skills to ensure that work-related activities are completed in an accurate and timely manner.
  • Ability to work effectively in a team-oriented, high demand and fast-paced environment.
  • Ability to maintain a high level of confidentiality and work with highly sensitive data and information.
  • Solid communication skills to effectively deal with various levels of management, staff and/or customers.
  • Demonstrated interpersonal skills to work effectively in a team environment and maintain a professional and positive manner.
  • Effective listening skills to ensure understanding of instructions and directions and effectively communicate progress and problems to co-workers and management.
  • Familiarity with a variety of office equipment, standard software packages and application and use of personal computers to include the Microsoft Office suite of products.
  • Genesys Certified Inbound Voice 8.5 Consultant
  • Genesys Certified SIP Server 8 Consultant
  • Genesys Certified Composer Routing 8.5 Developer


  • Delivering and Implementing engage projects (Voice, Email, Webchat, Social, Channels)
  • Composer Development
  • Implementation of outbound dialers
  • Routing Strategies
  • Infomart
  • Pulse
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Linux
  • Database Experience Postgres/Oracle/SQL


  • Genesys Certified Outbound Voice 8 Consultant
  • Genesys Interaction Analytics
  • Genesys Certified Associate – PureCloud
  • Genesys Certified Professional Administration – PureCloud
  • Genesys Certified Professional Implementation – PureCloud
  • Genesys Certified Professional Reporting – PureCloud
  • Development .Net, C#
  • Experience working with SIP and SBC’s
  • IWD

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