Thornhill Office Park, Midrand

Vacancy: DevOps Developer

  • Experienced Full stack engineer with very strong C# knowledge and web application based languages like Javascript and similar
  • Strong experience and proven track record in one or more of the following frameworks:
    o React/React Native
    o Angular
    o PWA
    o Ionic
    o Blazor
    o Xamarin
  • Experience working in a DevOps focused environment
  • Deep understanding of DevOps CI/CD in general and specifically comfortable with setting up and using modules in the Azure DevOps (Azure pipelines, repos and Test Plans in particular)
  • Experience and general understanding in working with Kubernetes, setting up containers, pods etc.
  • Experience in setting up traditional Web servers and VM’s in Azure
  • Deep understanding of code first databases like MongoDB as well as MS SQ
  • Experience using and implementing message queueing. E.g. RabbitMQ
Beneficial and recommended
  • Deep understanding of containers and micro services architecture design, implementation and management
  • Deep understanding and experience with Kubernetes from setup, sizing and scaling all the way to logging and management.
  • Ability to work as product owner when outsourced or third party developers are used on projects and when handing over and/or interfacing with Operational team.
  • Experience with Data analytics using Data Lakes or warehouses and design thereof.
  • Experience and familiarity with real time communication technologies. (WebRTC in particular)

To apply for this role, please email