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About this eBook

To succeed and thrive in the modern digital economy, contact centres need to break out of the restraints imposed by legacy systems, siloed multi-channel communication capabilities, and the inability to easily integrate with mission-critical applications and the latest advances in intelligent technologies.

The world’s most innovative and forward-thinking customer experience (CX) champions already understand that the ability to deliver superior customer service and enhanced engagement begins with the migration of their contact centre into the cloud.

Once in the cloud, organisations gain access to unprecedented opportunities to leverage the latest technologies, such as unified omnichannel communications, collaboration tools, big data, analytics tools, CRM, and a host of digital engagement platforms.

These are the tools and capabilities that will deliver a competitive advantage in the modern digital economy by ensuring that your contact centre remains effective, efficient and relevant.

Download this eBook to learn:

  • Answer the “how” “when” and “with whom” of contact centre cloud migration.
  • Learn how a cloud transformation strategy can cost effectively deliver superior CX through responsive technologies that enable informed and seamless omnichannel interactions.
  • Understand how a cloud transformation will save capital and free up resources to allocate to other value-adding areas of the business.
  • Realise how migrating your contact centre into the cloud will open up a world of new possibilities through the integration of additional solutions.

About Pivotal Data

Pivotal Data is a specialist provider of Genesys PureConnect, PureCloud and PureEngage services and support. We are the #1 Genesys partner in Africa and the only Gold partner to offer the full range of omnichannel and analytic solutions, either as on-premise, hosted or cloud deployments. We’re the only provider to offer embedded voice authentication capabilities in the hosted contact centre environment to enhance security and reduce fraud.

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