Enterprise Telephony

Enterprise Telephony

Gain greater control of enterprise telephony, to do more and at a lower cost.


At the core of an organisation’s competitive capabilities lies reliable, cost effective person-to-person communication that connects customers and partners to your business.

IP PBX solutions deliver Voice over IP telephony, offering businesses greater control, more flexibility, a lower total cost of ownership due to reduced infrastructure requirements, and less risk.

Enhanced capabilities
Pivotal Data’s hosted IP PBX is a cloud-based, fully managed, functional PBX solution that replaces the need for onsite PABX infrastructure and management.

This robust cloud-based telecommunications platform utilises the most advanced, next-generation IP PBX software on the market. This delivers the ultimate telephony experience for end users by reliably and cost effectively sending and receiving high quality, enterprise-grade voice over a secure network.

Offering a range of hosted or on-site IP PBX solutions, Pivotal Data provides companies with a wide range of communications capabilities, from powerful IP PBX and IP phones, to enterprise-grade applications that help your business enhance operational efficiency and productivity.

Pivotal Data Enterprise Telephony
By utilising a business’s existing IP network, Pivotal Data’s IP PBX solution can provide a feature-rich and customisable platform that enables you to simplify communication, reduce costs and maximise ROI.

Ideally suited for small to midsize enterprises looking to amplify collaboration and communication capabilities, or enable seamless integration with other solutions to embrace unified communications and enterprise mobility to empower employees and boost workforce productivity.

To explore our IP PBX solution, contact Pivotal Data on 087 310 5900.

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