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Customer Experience

Transform your customer journeys with a single customer experience platform


Enhance security, eliminate fraud
Social engineering attacks in contact centers are on the rise. Embedded voice authentication software enables call centres to authenticate end users over any type of phone line.

Flexible solutions
Pivotal Data’s flexible hosted solutions meet the requirements of every type of contact centre, from smaller, less formal environments, to large organisations requiring multimedia, sophisticated routing, enhanced reporting options, self-service and outbound campaign capabilities.

The ability to provision a complete end-to-end contact centre solution on an OPEX model frees up capital to invest in other areas of the business.

Outsourcing the management of physical or virtual contact centre infrastructure decreases support costs and frees up internal IT staff to focus on other mission-critical areas of the business.

With the ability to scale on demand, Pivotal Data contact centres ensure that businesses have the agility to immediately respond to changing requirements.

Clients have the freedom to choose to deploy contact centre configurations that best meet their needs, be it an onsite, cloud or hybrid architecture solution.

Guaranteed up-time
Hosted in Pivotal Data’s world-class data centre network, all IP-based contact centre solutions meet stringent uptime SLAs, with full redundancy and virtualisation support built in.

Combined with the high availability and disaster recovery features in Pivotal Data’s contact centre solutions, clients can rest assured that their main line of customer engagement is protected from failure.

Purpose-built, market-leading software
Taking your contact centre into the cloud makes contact centre and business phone systems interoperable. This reduces implementation headaches and enhances an organisation’s ability to benefit from unified communication capabilities to create a more consistent customer experience.

Pivotal Data’s premise and cloud contact centre solutions also integrate seamlessly with CRM applications such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, to streamline data flow and improve workforce productivity.

Amplify performance
Pivotal Data’s contact centre solutions offer both agents and supervisors powerful capabilities. Features include Interactive Voice Response (IVR), skills-based routing, and outbound and media handling.

The contact centre system allows managers to easily create real-time and historical reports to measure performance against business goals, and maintain quality standards.

Drive cost efficiencies
Skill-based call routing reduces cost per call charges by giving customers the option to choose a call path based on a series of client-defined questions. With intelligent call routing, calls are routed to the right agent or employee with the expertise to address the caller’s request, resulting in reduced call times and increased customer satisfaction.

Enhance workforce management
The predictive analytics used in Pivotal Data’s Interaction Optimiser workforce management application enables contact centre management to track historical patterns to forecast interaction volumes and schedule contact centre agents to meet demand. Granular reporting capabilities deliver insights to determine the skills required to meet specific customer demands.

Workforce optimisation tools integrate workforce management and feature-rich interaction recordings, customer feedback, and real-time speech analytics to ensure quality management, and support strategic planning.

Turbocharge agent productivity with the ability to place multiple calls per agent while balancing list characteristics and legal regulations. The auto-dialer can be used for both agent and agent-less calling campaigns, providing clients with the ability to customise communication methods to best meet campaign outreach objectives.

To explore our contact centre solution, contact Pivotal Data on 087 310 5900.

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