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Customer Experience

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The digitisation of communication, enabled by the Internet and mobile devices, has reshaped customer engagement models.

Today, the ability to personalise customer interactions delivers a competitive advantage: Impactful engagement delivers customer satisfaction, which builds valuable relationships. These relationships become business assets as satisfied customers are transformed into loyal customers, and loyal customers into brand advocates. Nurturing the customer relationship lifecycle through continued personalised engagement and coherent communication ultimately drives business growth.

Meeting the expectations of connected consumers also requires the flexibility to engage and interact on their terms, wherever they are. This could include traditional voice, or a growing number of digital channels, such as email, SMS, instant messaging, or social media. The ability to switch between mediums while on the move has also become mandatory.

Effective and efficient omni-channel communication capabilities are therefore critical to the success of every business in the digital age. However, these capabilities can only be realised with the implementation of the appropriate technology.

Enabling engagement
It is IP-based communication technologies that enable and facilitate the omni-channel interpersonal interactions that deliver meaningful customer engagement. And it is the contact centre – a business’s first customer touchpoint – that underpins these capabilities.

The right contact centre solution puts customers at the heart of the business and, through actionable insights, customer preferences can be better understood. Functional contact centre technology also delivers a business boost by facilitating up-selling and cross-selling.

Best-of-breed contact centre solutions also optimise resources, improve response times, and route calls effectively, making it easier for staff to do their jobs. The ability to easily access account data or empower customers through self-service capabilities makes customer interactions simpler, and drives repeat business through enhanced customer satisfaction.

Pivotal Data Customer Experience
Pivotal Data is an integrated managed services provider that understands how every channel of communication can improve business and drive organisational efficiencies.

Using best-of-breed managed solutions, Pivotal Data holds the key competencies and expertise that improve customer experience through the hosted contact centre environment to drive your business forward.

This fully outsourced end-to-end service – the only to offer embedded voice authentication capabilities to enhance security and stop fraud – also enables businesses to focus on delivering on their organisational strategy, while all communication needs are expertly managed.

To explore our contact centre solution, contact Pivotal Data on 087 310 5900.

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